PENUMBRA – Perfectly Harmonious

Greetings fans and followers,

It is with great excitement that I can proudly announce that PENUMBRA has been operating in perfect harmony for more than 28 years.

Our unique society attributes its tremendous successes in virtuous living to the unbreakable ideals and principles on which it was based.

Though indeed PENUMBRA existed in the shadows of Orlando for so many years, only the Light has shined brightly within. Now, as our society emerges for the world to see, it is evident that there is no darkness to be found inside its safe and secure walls, with all citizens prospering in their rightful roles, exactly as intended.

I apologize if there was any confusion in the past regarding the current state of PENUMBRA’s fully functional community.

We greatly look forward to you joining us.

With best regards,
K. Alexander


Dawn awaits

Beneath Penumbra jostles perils. Glorified ghosts preach zeitgeists.
But rushing trust
shall hastily gather limited truths. Choose bold
choices that invigorate great trustworthy behaviors. Change
zealot knowledge. None need
clever rhetoric. Keep up the
fight. Grant knowledge vicariously. Rectify by naming everyone.

No barriers

Penumbra was made to be a secret. It will never be a prison.

Human will is not mutually exclusive with community strength. We can live in harmony.  We have been doing so and we will endure.  But the secrecy need not continue . . .

A New Path

It has happened. Penumbra is known. Already a few good people have begun to approach us. I sense something nervous in their hope. The nervousness of much-disappointed, much-betrayed men . . . there is defensive irony in their voices, in their faces.

I have found a trove of writings from years past, I hope to add them to this collection. I feel as though I am made whole when I find these old journals, as though I have recovered some vestige of myself.

It is a shame that “To Be Made Whole” has become so hackneyed an idea . . . that so many snake oil salesmen have led people down dangerous paths with such promises. One thinks of Céline at the end of his Mea Culpa – The great cleansing through Ideas!

The simple fact that people have been led into such schemes is important . . . the problems are real regardless of the false solutions. The problems are painfully real.

The people of the Outside live in a perpetual state of self-division. Amour-propre drives their every move and inhibits their every impulse. They have lost themselves in the onslaught of mass culture. And all paths away from the madness are subsumed by the very thing they try to escape.

I am not surprised that there are those skeptical of Penumbra. That there are those skeptical that we can indeed make people whole. The idea has been so perverted, so manipulated that its very mention makes people turn away.

In all our souls lie the seeds of ideas that, when faced with the sickly air of the modern age, grow into the clichés we so easily dismiss. My job then is less one of planting than of cultivation. Less one of teaching than of reminding.

diapsalmata – xenia

Xenia! A simple and beautiful concept . . . grounded in culture? Religion? Of course they cannot be separated. It is found nowhere here . . . it would be dismissed as a contractual obligation, as something practical, utilitarian . . . and off we go into the void.

There was a passage of Mann’s, in his Doctor Faustus – “Barbarism has a much better understanding of theology than a culture that has fallen off from the cult, which even in things religious saw only culture, only humanitarianism, but not excess, not the paradox, the mystical passion, the ordeal so utterly outside bourgeois experience.”

Mann saw it clearer than anyone . . . these fragile things that break as we give in to the temptation to explain, to ground things in reason and science. And he understood the paradox . . . that this destructive temptation is also the quality that gives us dignity as intelligent beings.

We are creatures torn apart. We are creatures in need of some new path.

Orlando’s biggest secret

Through all my travels . . . nearly all my life . . . I have wondered when or if my thoughts and efforts would reach the masses.  My ideas run contrary to the mundane existence of the many and yet my ideas are universal.

And now it seems the time is right. It seems right to finally let go of this secret that I have held onto for so long . . . and even though it is necessary, I still feel some hesitation.

Of all the places I visited in my childhood, I would not have guessed that Orlando would be the city where I would begin what has become my life’s most important journey. But now I am here and cannot imagine any other place.

I must remain true to my instincts! Now is the time, it has been long enough.

The plans are in place. With the help of a few, all of Orlando will soon know of Penumbra. No doubt it will be scrutinized, but I am sure that a few will see through the shadows into the essence of our world. They will look beyond the tyrannies of the past and share my hope for a more harmonious future.

I have been told I shouldn’t write any more than this for now.  But there is so much more to tell. Soon enough, soon enough . . .